Still I can not believe this has happened, and last night too. been for a couple of beers and came home around 6ish. When I returned to my neighbors aupair left the house with a man. Curious as I had a glass of wine and all suffocated. said " Ooooo I could do with one of those" so I ran next door and took a few bottles. We sat drinking a bit like the girl played for a while. At this point I have to say that flirted a lot, because we are neighbors, 4 years ago, and my partner has always joked that she believed me. Just laughed, but always wanted it to be true because she is beautiful. Anyway, drank wine and flirted shamelessly for about an hour. His daughter went to bed, and she came down again. When I was a few steps took me to the sofa where she sat, and admitted that in the end I could sit there. There were two other fux chairs, so you do not have to. came and sat beside me and we carried our drinking water. We were joking around and looking at some old photos. She said that when I was younger I had a good figure and I said I can be honest with you and say that fux now look fantastic. This is done for a while, and she went to the bathroom and returned. When he returned, he said: "I have a surprise for you. " She took my glass and on the floor and lifted her leg and straddled me. OH MY GOD could not believe what was happening. She said, ' do not mind right? . " Assumption Damn I do not care. We kissed and touched each other for ages so and then it began, the sexiest pair of tits I've seen too revealing. It is not too large, the teats. I have in my hand and massage it and then took her nipple in her mouth and she sighed with pleasure. 's amazing. a little later the au pair came in we had that part and normal. we sat rubbing the feet and toes, where the aupair could not to see. text message that asks you this morning, I was at fux that time, he said, after coming ou tIt was too late shower. When she returned, she said, saying that they show me what she wanted. WOW. fux any case, the au pair is again Tonite so I know what happens.... xx
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